Designed for Print


I designed issue 2 of Kitchen Table Magazine. I worked closely with the publisher to ensure his vision was brought to life. The magazine is in full color and 80 pages total. Photo manipulation, layout, typography, and asset design were all part of the process. I also created an interactive PDF and an EPUB for the digital version.

Book Interior

I designed the interior of The Gifts We Keep (Ooligan Press  April 16th 2019.) This 288 page novel contains no images, and while there is no index or glossary, there is a table of contents. The design process included typesetting and layout, as well as corrections post proofread.


I created this bookmark for Overcup Press and their book Tilikum Crossing. The front side of the bookmark shows the limited edition print of the Tilikum Bridge. Overcup needed collateral to advertise for the sale of the print. On the backside of the bookmark I re-created the cable design which is included in the interior of the book.

Marketing Tipsheet

I designed the tipsheet for The Gifts We Keep. Ooligan has a set of colors and a base layout for all tipsheets. Since this book is published in a partnership with the Library Writers project, the tipsheet needed to include more information than most, therefore I needed to alter the design to accommodate. I chose to keep the side bar on both sides to offset the press info. 

Marketing Collateral

Volcanoes, Palm Trees & Privilege by Liz Prato from Overcup Press, is partially about travel. The author had the idea of a boarding pass with pub date and other info included to pass out at conventions for collateral. At the time the book cover was not yet finished, so the design here does not reflect the cover elements. I created 2 different designs and this is the one  the publisher chose.

Logo & Business Cards

I designed this logo for an equestrian center. The main logo will be used for the business sign, but the shape of a traditional business card required some adjustments to the elements of the logo. I offered 3 designs for the cards and several for the logo which the client chose between. The horse graphic was found and licensed through stock images.

Marketing 1-Sheet &

Overcup Press needed a 1-sheet or press release for 99 Ways to Make a Pipe. I worked on this with another intern. I pulled the green color from the book cover to give the entire sheet a cohesive feel. The fonts were chosen to compliment the title fonts and the publisher’s logo.

Team Logo

A new equestrian sports team needed a logo. This was built in illustrator, and there are a couple of variations depending on the background color to be printed on.

Logo & Business Card

A simple name based logo for a stylist. The color theme extends to the informational back side of the card. Typography and hierarchy of information were key to this design.