Digital Design & Production


I designed the website for R&R Equestrian Center. I used a wordpress template, and had the owners choose a host. My fee includes 1 year of webmaster services for this website as I gain more knowledge of SEO practices. 

Book Trailer

I created this book trailer for The Widmer Way. I was provided old footage to incorporate into the video. I had the new beer footage shot, keyed out the background and color-corrected the older footage. I used the design element and color from the interior and cover design. The music was found as free use by another team member.

Author Interview

I directed and edited this author interview video. This video was commissioned by the Multnomah County Library to be shown during a panel at AWP.  


I updated this website strictly using HTML & CSS. The site needed an update, but the owner wanted to maintain most of the color scheme and “indie feel.”

Email Invitation

Overcup Press wanted a visually compelling invitation to email out for this event. The Portland Opera provided the amazing photo of Tilikum Bridge. I used the orange from the book cover to tie it all together and to separate out the most important info.

Web Banner

The home webpage for Ooligan needed a banner to link to The Gifts We Keep. I designed this based on the book cover. The original background image used for the book cover was not wide enough for a banner, so I used photoshop to make it appear wider.

Highlight Video

I put together this highlight video from various clips recorded over several competitions during the May-Aug 2018 season. While the music is copyrighted, this is a non-profit local sports team, nothing is for sale. The song was used during competitions which is why I chose it for the video.

Social Media Images

To get the word out about The Gifts We Keep, the team at Ooligan press posted several updates to various social media platforms. These are a few of the designs I created to add a visual element to the posts.